Dr Schmitt, dental practice clinic – more than you’d expect!

When patients come to our practice, we usually hear them say: “Finally, a dentist’s that’s different!” It is not only our unusual decor and furnishings that makes us different, but also many other aspects.

Therefore, state-of the art dentistry and technology always come as standard. For example, we provide pain-free anaesthesia with the innovative The Wand® system, and we work with the globally unique Freecorder®BlueFox, which records the movements of your jaw joint exactly and without causing you any pain.

Holistic dentistry, minimally invasive dental implants and dental surgery are all part of what we offer. And as we don’t do absolutely everything differently, we also provide services such as prophylactic and periodontosis treatments!

Come and make your own mind up about us and our practice. We look forward to getting to know you!


Time is short – don’t you think? That’s why we provide you with time-efficient dental treatment.


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